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shout out to the kids and adults who have memory problems, who get yelled and screamed at by their families for not remembering things

or over-remembering. remembering things no one else seems to remember but still having blankets of empty in their memory and wondering why they can’t remember chunks of things or why their timelines are all off

oh my god i thought i was alone

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*wakes up* what the fuck

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i always wonder why no one likes me and then i remember i dont even like me

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When she is sad:

Ask her to dance. Take her hands and pull her up off the ground. She is fluid like water, like the wind and rain. Watch her twirl, round and round, as though she were a tornado.

Sing her a song. She will rest her head on your chest and laugh. ‘You can’t even sing’ she will say, but do not stop. Do not stop until she is begging for your silence with her lips on yours in muffled gasps.

Tell her a story: that time when you were five and fell into a pond and almost drowned. Tell her you are so glad a passerby dived in and saved your life because otherwise you would never have met her.

Sit in silence and trace the veins in her neck with your tongue until she sighs and whispers ‘you are keeping me alive.’ Say that she is doing just fine on her own but hold her a little closer and tighter anyway; she needs it.

"It’s okay. It’s okay to be sad." Sometimes these are the only words you need. Pepper her tear stained cheeks with kisses and say " it’s okay. I’ll be here. I’ll always be here."

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #46 -5 things to do when she is sad” (via blossomfully)

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no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 

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i wanna lie on the floor and not think for a month or two.

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Artist: Arctic Monkeys



I made this earlier today and find it quite relaxing, hope you like it :)


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MOTHAFOLKIN’ FOLK: an indie folk-ish playlist perfect for studying featuring fleet foxes, vance joy, and keaton henson.
01. love like this - kodaline || 02. 1957 - milo greene || 03. always gold - radical face || 04. the breach - dustin tebbutt || 05. open season - high highs || 06. from gold - novo amor || 07. sink in - the paper kites || 08. snaggletooth - vance joy || 09. facing west - the staves || 10. tiger mountain peasant song - fleet foxes || 11. please don’t leave quite yet - adam agin || 12. you there - aquilo || 13. holland - novo amor || 14. to build a home - the cinematic orchestra || 15. saturn - sleeping at last || 16. elevator song - keaton henson
listen here
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how do you people do this like?? this took me three hours damn
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under the skin